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Merry Christmas! 
Nothing Compares to a Live, Fresh Christmas Tree Over the Holidays!

A note on weeds...
Weeds are opportunistic plants and will grow just about anywhere they can find space to send down roots and grow. Weeds can be seen growing in the cracks of sidewalks or along the seam between the street and the gutters. You can even see weeds growing along expressways.

Preventive methods, such as landscape fabric, pre-emergence herbicides, smoothering with mulch or rock- minimize weeds but DO NOT provide total control. You have to eliminate weeds as they appear and keep at it! Weeds decline significantly over a couple of years if you persistently catch them before they set seed, however a strong wind, a heavy rain, or an animal with seeds stuck its coat, can easily re-infest your garden with weeds.

For lawns, one of the best defenses against weeds is to mow your lawn high and have a good fertilizing program in place. In colder months, you should be mowing your lawns between 3 to 4 inches. The reason behind this practice is that the longer grass blades will shade the ground underneath, preventing the sun from reaching the seed to heat it up and allowing it to germinate.

As for beds, nothing is more frustrating then to spend an afternoon in the garden weeding only to have a good rain come along and the next day the bed is fully with tiny sprouts! Weeds are plants whose undesirable qualities outweigh their good points. Though we may try to manipulate nature for our own good, nature is persistent. Through the manipulation process, certain weeds are controlled, while, other more serious weeds will thrive because growing conditions for that variety have been meet. Weeds are naturally strong competitors and those weeds that can best compete always tend to dominate. 

While we are here to help tackle over grown beds, and offer advice and product to help keep the weeds down, it is a ongoing process to keep beds weed free. 

Interesting Christmas Tree Facts!

-Real Christmas trees do not trigger allergic reactions. Farm-raised trees are too young to be reproductive in most cases, so pollen is not an issue.

-Buying a single artificial tree once a decade has a significantly larger carbon footprint than buying a new real tree each year over the same time period.

Caring for Live Christmas Trees

Before bringing your tree inside for the holidays, allowing it time to get use to warmer temperatures can help. Place your tree in a garage, or similar location for a day to get use to the warmer temperatures of your home. 

Try to keep the tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, heaters and vents. 

Keep the tree well watered. Do not allow it to dry out. A tree will absorb as much as a gallon of water in the first 24 hours, and 1 or more quarts the day after. Keeping the tree well watered keeps the branches form drooping, and needles from falling and keeps the tree fragrant!