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To order, please know your order and call 810 227-2566 where we will take and pull your order for delivery or curbside pick up. 

 *Images are stock photos used for reference. 
Leppek Nursery strongly suggests regular fertilizing, watering and proper placement of sun/shade needs for optimal results once the plants are in your care. 
Hanging Basket Combination Varieties include:

Hanging Basket Single Varieties Include:

12"Begonia, Dragon Wing Red
12"Boston Fern
12"Fuchsia, Swingtime
12"Impatiens, New Guinea Harmony Tangarine

10"Begonia, Double Up Pink
10"Begonia, Double Up White
10"Begonia, Illumination Salmon Pink
10"Begonia, Funky Red
10"Begonia, Non Stop Mix
10"Black Eye Susan - yellow
10"Black Eye Susan - orange
10"Boston Fern
10"Browalia Endless Illimination
10"Calibrachoa, Superbell Coral Sun
10"Calibrachoa, Superbells Double Chiffon
10"Calibrachoa, Superbells Double Twilight
10"Calibrachoa, Superbell Grape Punch
10"Calibrachoa, Superbell Pomegranate Punch
10"Calibrochoa, Superbell Tropical Sunrise
10"Calyophus, Ladybird Sunglow
10"Evolvulus, Blue My Mind
10"Fuchsia, Dark Eyes
10"Geranium White
10"Impatiens, Double Silhouette Appleblossom
10"Impatiens, Double Silhouette Purple
10"Impatiens, New Gunea Harmony Bicolor Red
10"Jamesbrittenia Safari Dawn
10"Lobelia, Ultra Violet
10"Mezoo Red
10"Portulaca, Mojave Mix
10"Petunia, Cascadias Chili Red
10"Petunia, Double Sugar Plum
10"Petunia, Headliner Night Sky
10"Supertunia, Bordeaux
10"Supertunia Priscilla
10"Supertunia, Sharon
10"Scavola, New Wonder (blue)
10"Scavola, Pink
10"Scavola, White
10"Sedum, Lemon Coral
10"Sweet Potato Vine Green
10"Torinia, Large Amethyst
10"Tradescantia, Wandering Jew Purple/Silver
10"Verbena, Lascar Vampire
2022 Annuals

4.5"Althernathera, Choco Chili
4.5" PWBacopa, Snowstorm Giant Snowflake
4.5"Begonia, Bossa Nova White
4.5" PWBegonia Double Up Pink
4.5" PWBegonia Double Up Red
4.5" PWBegonia Double Up White
4.5"Begonia, Dragon Wing Pink
4.5"Begonia, Dragon Wing Red
4.5"Begonia, Funky Pink
4.5"Begonia, Funky Red
4.5"Begonia, Illumination Apricot Shades
4.5"Begonia, Illumination Lemon
4.5"Begonia, Nonstop Mocca Mix
4.5"Begonia, Santa Cruz
4.5"Bidens, Blazing Fire
#1Black Eye Susan Vine yellow
#1Black Eye Susan Vine orange
6"Boston Fern
4.5" PWBrowalis Endless Illumination
4.5" PWCalibrochoa, Superbells Blackcurrant Punch
4.5" PWCalibrochoa, Superbells Blue Moon
4.5" PWCalibrachoa, Superbells Coral Sun
4.5" PWCalibrachoa, Superbells Double Chiffon
4.5" PWCalibrachoa, Superbells Double Twilight
4.5" PWCalibrachoa, Superbells Dreamscicle
4.5" PWCalibrochoa, Superbells Grape Punch
4.5" PWCalibrochoa, Superbells Pomagrante Punch
4.5" PWCalibrachoa, Superbells Strawberry Punch
4.5" PWCalibrochoa, Superbells Tropical Sunrise
4.5" PWCalibrachoa, Superbells White
4.5" PWCalibrochoa, Superbells Yellow
4.5" PWCalyophus, Ladybird Sunglow
3"Canna, Bronze Peach
10"Canna, Bronze Peach
4"Canna, Scarlet  
10"Canna, Scarlet  
4.5"Celosia Kelos Fire Bright Orange
4.5"Celosia Kelos Fire Bright Magenta
4.5"Celosia Kelos Fire Bright Yellow
6" PWCleome, Senorita Rosalita  
4.5"Coleus, Angel Falls
4.5" PWColeus, Chocolate Drop Coleus - trailing
4.5" PWColeus, El Brighto
4.5"Coleus, Fishnet Stockings
4.5"Coleus, Great Falls Yosemite
4.5"Coleus, Pink Fizz
4.5" PWColeus, Rediculous
4.5" PWColeus, Torchlight
4.5" PWColeus, Wicked Hot
1 galCordyline, Can-Can, Red Star, Torby Dazzler
1 galCroton, Petra
12"Croton, Petra
4.5" PWCuphea, Vermillionaire
6"Dahlia, Hypnotica Lullaby Red, Orange, Yellow
1 gal PWDahlia, Mystic Illusion
10"Dahlia, Mystic Illusion
12"Dahlia, Mystic Illusion
6"Dahlia, Thomas Edison
4.5"Dichondra, Silver Falls
3"Dracaena, Spikes
4.5" PWEuphorbia, Diamond Frost
4.5" PWEvolvulus, Blue My Mind
4.5"Fuchsia, Dark Eyes
4.5"Fuchsia, Swingtime
4.5" PWGeranium, Boldly Coral
4.5" PWGeranium, Boldly Hot Pink
4.5" PWGeranium, Boldly Dark Red
4.5" PWGeranium, Boldly White
4.5"Geranium, Burgundy Bicolor (Ivy)
4.5"Geranium, Cascade Dark Red (Ivy)
6"Geranium, Citronella
10"Geranium, Citronella
6"Gerber Daisy
10"Gerber Daisy
6" PWGomphrena Truffala Pink
1 galGrass, Baby Moses
1 gal PWGrass, Purple Fountain 
1 gal PWGrass, Purple Fountain - Fireworks
1 gal PWGrass - Vertigo
6" PWGuara, Stratosphere White
1 gal PWHelianthus Saturn
4.5"Hypoestes, Splash Mix
4.5"Impatiens, Double Appleblossom
4.5"Impatiens, Double Purple
4.5" PWImpatiens, Rockapulco Rose
4.5"Impatiens, New Guinea Harmony Bicolor Red
4.5"Impatiens, New Guinea Harmony Tangarine
4.5"Ipomoea, Black Heart
4.5"Ipomoea, Blackie
4.5"Ipomoea, Margarite 
4.5" PWIpomoea, Sweet Heart Kiwi Sweet Potato Vine
4.5" PWJamesbrittenia, Safari Dawn
4.5" PWLantana, Citron
4.5" PWLantana, Citrus Blend
4.5" PWLobelia, Laguna Sky Blue
4.5" PWLobelia, Laguna White
4.5" PWLobelia, Dark Blue
4.5" PWLobelia, Ultraviolet 
4.5" PWLobularia, Blushing Princess
4.5"Lobularia, Purple Stream
4.5" PWLobularia, White Knight
4"Lysimachia, Goldilocks, Creeping Jenny
6"Mandevilla, Pink
6"Mandevilla, Red
6"Mangave, Assorted
8"Mangave, Assorted
10"Mangave, Assorted
4"Mezoo Red
4.5" PWNemesia, Sunsatia Blood Orange
4.5"Osteospermum Tradewinds Sunset
10"Pansy, Delta Premium Mix
6 pk / 18 ct flatPansy, Delta Premium Mix
4.5"Pentas Starcluster Red
4.5"Petunia, Black Mamba
4.5"Petunia, Compact Double Sugar Plum
4.5"Petunia, EZ Wave Yellow
4.5"Petunia, Headliner Red
4.5"Petunia, Headliner Red Star
4.5"Petunia, Headliner Night Sky
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Black Cherry
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Bordeaux
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Honey
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Jazzberry
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Latte
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Lovie Dovie
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Priscilla
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Really Red
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Royal Magenta
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Royal Velvet
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Sharon
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Trailing Blue Veined
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Trailing Rose Veined
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Vista Fuchsia
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Vista Paradise
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Vista Silverberry
4.5" PWPetunia, Supertunia Vista Snowdrift
4.5" PWPortulaca, Mojave Mix
1 gal PWSalvia, Playin the Blue
1 gal PWSalvia, Rocking Fuchsia
6" PWSalvia, Unplugged So Blue
6" PWSalvia, Unplugged So Pink
4.5" PWScaevola, Whirlwind Blue
4.5" PWScaevola, Whirlwind Pink
4.5" PWScaevola, Whirlwind White
4.5" PWSedum, Lemon Coral
6"Senecio Angel Wings
6"Strobilanthes Persian Shield
3" - 6"Succulent, assorted
4.5" PWTorinia, Blue Wave
4.5" PWTorinia, Large Amethyst
4.5"Torinia, Moon Yellow
4"Tradescantia, Purple-Silver Wandering Jew
4.5"Verbena, Lanai White
4.5"Verbena, Lascar Vampire
6" PWVerbena, Meteor Shower Lilac
4.5" PWVerbena, Superbena Cherryburst
4.5" PWVerbena, Superbena Royale Iced Cherry
4.5" PWVerbena, Superbena Sparkling Amethyst
4"Vinca vine, variegated
Zinnia Zesty Mix
12"Above & Beyond:     Supertunias Vista Fuchsia, Bubblegum & Silverberry
12"Amethyst Dreams:     Superbells Grape Punch, Superbells, White, Superbena Sparkling Amethyst
12Begonia, Double Up Red & White
12"Begonia, Dragon Wing Pink w/ Creeping Jenny
12"Begonia, Funky Pink & Vinca Vine
12"Begonia, Illumination Lemon & Blue Wave Torinia
12"Begonia, Illumination Lemon & Creeping Jenny
12"Begonia, Illumination Apricot Shades w/ Vinca Vine
12"Begonia, Santa Cruz & Silver Falls
12"Black Eye Susan, Yellow w/ Superbells Grape Punch & White bacopa
12"Blind Love:     Supertunia Lovie Dovie, Supertunia Royal Magenta, Verbena Lanai White
12"Boost of Energy:     Supertunia Trailing Rose Veined & Vista Paradise, Lobularia Blushing Princess
12"Browalia & Torinia Amethyst
12"Costa Rica:     Superbells Grape Punch, Laguna Sky Blue Lobelia, Supertunia Sharon
12"Enchanted Garden:     Supertunias Black Cherry & Latte, Black Heart Sweet Potato Vine
12"Flamingo's Dream:     Safari Dawn Bacopa, Superbells Double Chiffon, Superbena Royale Iced Cherry
12"Fuchsia White & Purple w/ green Sweet Potato Vine
12"Geranium, Dark Red w/ White Bacopa
12"Geranium, Hot Pink w/ Lobularia Blushing Princess
12"Geranium, Ivy Cascade Red w/ White Lobelia
12"Gloria Rose:     Impatiens Rockapulco Rose, Hypoestes Splash Mix, Diamond Snow Euphorbia
12"Gold & Bold:     Calibrochoa Dark Blue, Deep Yellow & Purple
12"Grand Traverse:     Supertunias Black Cherry, Bordeaux, Vista Fuchsia
12"Gypsy:     Begonia Bossa Nova White, Begonia Illumination Apricot, Silver Falls
12"Home of the Brave:     Geranium Dark Red, Supertunia White, Lobelia Sky Blue
12"Hot Embers:     Superbells Tropical Sunrise, Ladybird Sunglow Calylophus, Blue My Mind XL Evolvulus
12"Hot Tamale :    Biden Mexican Gold, Calibrochoa Star Orange, Verbena Dark Red
12"Impatiens, Double Silhoutte Purple & Appleblossom w/ White Bacopa
12"It's So You:     Superbells Dreamsicle, Superbells Yellow, Supertunia Black Cherry
12"Murmur:     Superbells Double Chiffon, Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo, Superbena Sparkling Amethyst
12"Nantucket:      Supertunia Trailing Blue Veined, Supertunia Priscilla, Supertunia Royal Velvet
12"Pink:     Supertunias Trailing Pink & Blue Veined & Jazzberry w/ Lobelia Ultraviolet
12"Pink Angel:     Begonia Double Up Pink, Strawberry Drop Coleus, Creeping Jenny
12"Princess Buttercup:     Lantana Citron & Citrus Blend, Sunsatia Blood Orange Nemesia
12"Red Apple:     Kiwi Sweet Potato Vine, Boldly Coral Geranium, Superbena Cherryburst 
12"Red/White & Blue:     Lobelia Dark Blue, Chili Red Petunia, Supertunia Snowdrift, Green Sweet Potato Vine 
12"Rockin Red:     Calibrochoa soft pink, Petunia Dark Red, Verbena Flair Red
12"Summer Sparkler:     Scavola, White/Blue/Pink
12"Sedum Lemon Coral w/ Blackie Sweet Potato Vine
12"Spring Breeze:     Verbena White, Petunia Patio Pink Morn, Lobelia Cobalt Blue
12"Summerfest:     Bidens Goldilocks, Superbells Dreamsicle, Supertunia Royal Velvet
12"Vanilla Milkshake:     Boldly White Geranium, Laguna Cloud White Lobelia, Verbena Lanai White
12"Wine Down:     Verbena Twister Purple, Calibrochoa Grape, Petunia Deep Lavender Vein
12"Wishes Come True:     Petunia Veranda Double Sugar Plum, Supertunia Royal Velvet, Lobularia White

10"Begonia, Double Up Pink w/ Safari Dawn Jamesbrittenia
10"Begonia, Double Up White w/ Giant Snowflake Bacopa
10"Evening In Paris:     Supertunia Bordeaux & Royal Velvet
10"Headliner:     Petunia Headliner Red & Red Star
10"Lobelia, Blue/White
10"Lobelia, Blue/White/Ultraviolet
10"Old Glory:      Calibrochoa Dark Blue, Vampire, White
10"Royal Bacopa:     Supertunia Royal Velvet, Giant Snowflake Bacopa
10"Vista Cali:     Superbells Yellow, Supertunia Vista Paradise
10"Wildberry:     Calibrochoa Blue, Purple, White
10"World's Fair:     Verbena White, Petunia Radiant Rose